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Timber Trade Ordinance in Switzerland – Holzhandelsverordnung (HHV)

Timber Trade Ordinance in Switzerland - Holzhandelsverordnung (HHV)

Timber Trade Ordinance in Switzerland – Holzhandelsverordnung (HHV)

From 1st January 2022 the new Timber Trade Ordinance Holzhandelsverordnung (HHV) and revised Environmental Protection Act (USG) come into force in Switzerland ensuring that illegally felled timber and timber products do not enter the Swiss market. In practical terms it requires all entities trading timber products to apply professional duty of care to minimize the risks of illegal logging.

Particular attention is drawn on companies who import timber and timber products from the third countries – including from the EU or UK into Switzerland for the first time. These operators are so-called “first-time marketers” and it is their responsibility to ensure that the products are legally harvested and traded. “First-time marketers” must set up, apply and regularly update their Due Diligence System with information and documentation, risk assessment and risk mitigation.

To ensure harmonisation between timber legality regulations in EU and Switzerland the supplies from first-time marketers in EU are also subject to Holzhandelsverordnung (HHV). However, if there is a confirmation of the first placing on the EU market, this is usually understood as sufficient evidence of the due diligence being carried out. If there is reason to believe that Swiss first-time marketers of products from the EU have not taken risks into account, the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) can carry out additional controls.

BM Certification offers comprehensive EUTR/UKTR Due Diligence System, annual reporting and verification, which can be used to demonstrate compliance with the new regulations.

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