ETA European Technical Assessment

Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 establishes harmonized conditions for the marketing of construction products in the European Union. Harmonized technical specifications must be used to assess the performance of construction products. Harmonized technical specifications are harmonized standards and European Assessment Documents. The CE marking is mandatory for all construction products that comply with harmonized standards. By applying CE marking to construction products, the manufacturer assumes responsibility for the conformity of those products with the declared performance.

Harmonized standards do not fully cover all possible construction products. Manufacturers of new, innovative or difficult-to-standardize construction products also have the opportunity to obtain the right to use CE marking on their products. Such manufacturers must choose the European technical assessment (ETA) path. CE marking is not mandatory for construction products for which no harmonized standard has been developed.

ETA European Technical Assessment

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What is a European Technical Assessment?

A European Technical Assessment (ETA) is a documented assessment of the performance of a construction product in relation to its essential characteristics in accordance with the relevant European Assessment Document. The European Assessment Document sets out the assessment methods.

In the European Technical Assessment, the assessment will identify and assess not only the essential in-service properties of the construction product, but also the production control system. In this way, the manufacturer will be able to take responsibility for the declared performance and be sure that they are suitable for each production batch.

The European Technical Assessment will describe the construction product, its essential performance characteristics and its application. This document is an equivalent basis for the CE marking of a construction product as a harmonized standard. Unlike harmonized standards, an ETA is developed for a specific manufacturer at a specific location and was limited to the manufacturer for whom the assessment has been developed.

How to conduct a European Technical Assessment?

In order to successfully carry out a European Technical Assessment and obtain the right to use the CE marking to its construction product, the company needs to ensure that the construction products comply with Regulation No. 305/2011 and the corresponding European Assessment Document (EAD).

European Technical Assessments may only be carried out by announced Technical Assessment Bodies (TABs), which are members of the European Organization for Technical Assessment (EOTA).

BM Certification, an accredited certification body and the only Technical Assessment Institution in Latvia, can perform a European technical assessment of your products.

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Why conduct a European Technical Assessment?

The European Technical Assessment guarantees that the essential performance of the product and the production control system have been assessed by the Technical Assessment Body.

The European Technical Assessment will:

  • Ensure the evaluation of the implementation of the production control process system;
  • Ensure that the production process and its essential operational characteristics will be certified, as well as the availability of product performance parameters;
  • Increase the company’s competitiveness in the market by acquiring the right to use the CE marking on the product and allowing the product to be distributed in the European internal market without obstacles;
  • Acquire the right to draw up a Declaration of Performance (DoP);
  • confirme that the company’s products comply with the legislation of the European Union and the requirements of the relevant EAD;
  • Provide reliable documentation from an accredited third party on the essential performance of the construction product, comparable across Europe.

N.B. The ETA is issued only at the request of the manufacturer. It is important to know that the use of an ETA is not an option if the manufacturer places on the market a construction product for which an ETA has been obtained. In this case, the obligation to draw up a Declaration of Performance (DoP) and affix the CE marking to the product is obligatory.

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