About us

Reliable partner in the field of certification!

About us

Reliable partner in the field of certification!

BM Certification is an independent certification body that provides auditing, certification, inspection and training services in Germany, Finland, the Baltic States and elsewhere in the world.

Since 2006, we have been providing services to companies of various industries and sizes, adapting to the needs of each client. Audits are performed by competent and experienced auditors at the level of the BM Certification Group, gaining experience in various countries and industries.

The company has received accreditation in the areas of management system, product certification and inspection. To expand our auditing and certification services, we work with partners SCS Global Services, Q-check, Eurofins, Global Quality, etc.


Our strength is competence and professionalism combined with knowledge of global business conditions, needs and problems.



BM Certification’s mission is to help customers and society make sure that the materials, products and processes we audit and certify are safe, high quality, sustainable and in accordance with the requirements of the standards.


BM Certification strives to become the most reliable certification company in the world.


BM Certification values are:

– supportive and growth-oriented organizational culture;

professionalism in providing services;

– constant increase of competitiveness.

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